Limited Credit Card

It seems that no matter what time of year it is, The Limited is always pushing out the latest provided by its designer items. The Limited been able to keep its most loyal fanatics by always keeping the selections and promotions interesting to say the least. Those fanatics became even more excited about their shopping experiences once The Limited introduced its Limited Credit Card to its patrons. Signing up with the Limited Credit Card starts you off at the Classic membership level. As a member you will be able to gain access to certain benefits and perks that are only available for members of The Limited.

What makes The Limited's Limited Credit Card so interesting is that every time you gain 300 points you get presented with a $15 gift coupon. The Limited Credit Card has no annual fee to use the card for many years. Just like pretty much all the other cards of this type there is a high APR. But, the way to avoid the APR is as it is in most other cases with cards, you must pay off the balance monthly to avoid any extra fees.


If you have happened to find a pair of pants or any garment that doesn't seem to for quite right, because you have the Limited Credit Card you can get free hem service. Also as a monthly benefit of having the Limited Credit Card you will receive up to $75 usually in discounts each month in coupon booklets. Also, just to show the extra caring touch by The Limited, for your birthday every year you will receive a private exclusive discount. These are just some of the perks that are available because there are other bonuses and gifts given monthly as well

When it comes down to trying to finally decide if you will go ahead and apply for the Limited Credit Card or not you really have to think on if it fits your needs. If you are really a fan of the store selections and usually easily spend well over or close to $1,000 within a year with them then this card is for you most definitely. If you are just more into the card just because you shop there every other month or so for a few things, you may or may not seriously benefit from the Limited Credit Card. No matter how much or little you shop The Limited, at the end of the month, the best way you are going to stay maximizing the Limited Credit Card is by making sure to pay off the monthly balance in full. If you always have trouble making payments on time with your other cards or monthly bills, it's not likely the best idea for you to apply for the Limited Credit Card. After all, if you are going to begin down the path of late fees then it would have been better if you had avoided the idea of credit cards to begin with.